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Email Autoresponder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

Got Questions? We are here to answer them

Email autoresponder is an email marketing feature that can help you cut down on a lot of repetitive manual emailing. Use a neat autoresponder email software like EngageBay and send out regular emails with an automated but personalized response.

A good example is the welcome email you receive or send out upon subscription to a new business or news website, blog, or e-newsletter.

If you are looking for a free email autoresponder tool, you must understand that it should primarily be a marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) automation software. Email autoresponder is a small and simple feature of a capable marketing automation software, so look for that and you’ll end up with excellent email autoresponder tools as a bonus!

The right autoresponder email software will give you access to a whole lot of email templates, email sequencing and broadcasting options, and sales and service automation as well. After all, you may have to take up some queries from your customers manually, and if the software fails at integration between email marketing and sales management features, it isn’t worth all that salt.

Also, to help you choose the best email autoresponder and email marketing tool, we have written a highly informative blog that can clear things up quite well. Check it out


Every business needs email marketing autoresponder features to scale up, as manually sending out a horde of follow-up or welcome emails is neither possible nor advisable (if you are up for a challenge!).

Use the free email autoresponder feature from EngageBay and watch the power of email marketing automation unfold. You can free up your time and spare yourself from the exhausting mechanical grind of sending emails with the same content a thousand different times.

Once you have decided how to respond to a particular action, you can set up an email autoresponder series or sequence to keep your sales team engaged with your customers and prospects.

Your autoresponder email software should have a seamless integration of automation tools and email marketing features, so that every time your leads take an action, an autoresponder email is sent out to them.

Once you set up the email campaigns that your leads or prospects must receive, you can tell EngageBay (or the of CRM platform your choice) to shoot off these email campaigns or sequences in response to specific triggers.

A trigger can be any action you decide from the list of actions, which can include prospects filling up a form, spending a certain amount of time on your website, or adding items to cart.

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