Written during the first months of  World War I (1914—15), “The TrialakaO Processo is one of the best-known novels of Franz Kafka. Like in many other of his novels, The Trial was never completed, being only published  in 1925, a year after Kafka’s death, by his friend Max Brod.An interesting fact is that the actual order of the story was set by Brod, who arranged the chapters in the order he thought was the best, leaving some of the incompleted chapters to the side.
It tells the story of Josef K., the story of a man who is arrested without having done anything wrong, never formally charged with a crime but continually harassed, persecuted, and finally executed
like a Dog, representing the fate of countless victims of political and legal injustice at the time.

The original title, “
Der Prozess”, connotes both a "trial" and a "process” what justifies the different translations of the title in other countries.

We’ve followed the idea of a never ending game.
Pairing it with the golden ratio and Fibonacci as key points on the design structure, guides and size.

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